Exclusive Patent Reconstructed Thermal Water

Acqua Terma le Ristruita, protected by patent, stands out for its uniqueness in the cosmetic panorama.
Suitable for the production of cosmetic thermal products, it precisely reproduces the best characteristics of natural thermal waters, offering an unparalleled cosmetic experience. Our patent opens the door to a new era, where science and nature converge in one extraordinary solution, giving our reconstructed thermal water a unique place in the cosmetic landscape.
Furthermore, by avoiding direct intervention on natural thermal sources, we preserve the environmental balance, while at the same time guaranteeing an advanced and sustainable solution for your beauty.

Our process

To guarantee the maximum benefit of thermal water on the skin without harming the environment, we have embraced an innovative approach, the reconstruction in the laboratory of the saline composition of the original thermal water. This process uses exclusively "good" thermal salts in precise and standardized quantities, combining effectiveness and environmental responsibility.

Improvement of Chemical-Physical Stability

In the case of emulsion products, chemical-physical stability is often a critical point. Thermal water, with its heterogeneous salt composition, can significantly influence the stability of the emulsion. Reconstruction in the laboratory guarantees constant and predictable stability.


Improvement of Microbiological Stability

Even if the thermal water flows bacteriologically pure during the packaging, handling, storage and transport process, it is vulnerable to microbiological contamination. The use of reconstructed thermal water preserves its purity, ensuring superior microbiological stability. This ensures that the preservatives in the products are effective in the long term, maintaining the safety and effectiveness of the product.

Eco-sustainability and Respect for the Environment

We recognize the need to conserve natural resources. Constant extraction from a hot spring can deplete the subsoil. By opting for laboratory reconstruction, we reduce the environmental impact, contributing to long-term sustainability. At Sali di Ischia, we not only innovate your beauty routine, but we do it with a sustainable vision, putting the effectiveness of cosmetics at the forefront without compromising the future of our environment.

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Cosmetics beyond expectations

Excellence in skin care merges with authentic beauty. Our history is imbued with passion for the production of high quality cosmetics, a commitment which, since 2013, thanks to the research and development work in the laboratory, means that SALI DI ISCHIA is characterized by quality, effectiveness, safety and constant innovation.

Italian Production of Excellence

All cosmetics are made with care and professionalism in Italy. Our production follows rigorous quality standards, representing a daily commitment for the end consumer. Every cream, every serum is a celebration of the ingenuity and professionalism of our laboratory experts.

Superior Quality Actives

We carefully select the active ingredients to guarantee maximum effectiveness, powerful and beneficial formulas characterized by quality and purity to offer cosmetics that They reflect the specific needs of your skin. Each formula is designed to deliver tangible results, helping to preserve, enhance and enhance natural beauty.

Selected Distribution

To ensure that our products reach those seeking excellence in skin care, we distribute cosmetics through trusted channels in both the professional and retail sectors.

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